Friday, August 28, 2009

Home Run

Description: Home Run

Measuring 1.4m long 700mm high this is my entry for Off The wall in Kawerau Wood Skills my interpretation of the rules as my piece hangs off the wall.
I have had this piece of Horopito
For a few years as it was only 40mm thick I was hesitant to cut it up into smaller pieces for platters or clocks.
The inspiration for this piece came about on a cold winter’s night the kids and I were playing silly beggars in the lounge while mum was ironing. Picking up a silk sheet Mum had just ironed(yes not the done thing), we held it taught between two of us and proceeded to throw a baseball ball into the sheet .You had to be there but the shapes and wrinkles caused by the ball made a night of laughter
The only thing turned is the Olive ball the rest was carving with King Arthurs tools, dremel’s die grinders, orbital sanders, and hand sanding and sanding and just when I thought I had finished a bit more sanding.
The finish is I estimate about 30 coats of lacquer sanded to 4000 grit between coats
The finished effect is one of looking into a pond or like a silk sheet.
I could know commit a burglary without any fare of getting finger printed as I have no tread left on my fingers .They maybe able to get my Dna from the blood however
Well we shall see how we go the piece gets taken on a drive to the event tomorrow
I suspect though that the competition will be very stiff if Robbie’s piece is anything to go by. Being by Public vote will make it interesting

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