Sunday, September 21, 2008

Buckeled Cherrie

Description: Read description of Sunday Cherie ,This one I stained black and sanded back Buckled Cherrie
Made from Flowering Cherrie (Kanza)
10 inches high
A few months back I had a telephone call asking if I would like some flowering Cherie.
My reply was can I come know. Being a Sunday morning I took my chainsaw along just in case .I arrived to find two trees that had been trimmed over the years to form a large burl like mass on the top.
Asking the owner if I could borrow his ladder I was able to lop bits off in woodturning size chunks .A bit of a mission as the trees were not only close to the house but a boat the owner had been working on for the last 10 years was 2 feet from the trees .Hence why he wanted them removed.
I had loaded all the bits on my trailer when who should arrive but a woodturning mate that only lived 2 houses down the road .He had been woken by the noise of the saw after having a hard night out .He was coming to give the noise maker a tune up, his comment started off as what the hell do you think you are doing this time in the morning, in mid sentence I lifted my helmet.
Waking up to the fact it was me a b…. hell it could only be you Scott you so in so could be herd half way down the road
On the way past his letter box I left a couple pieces of wood as a piece maker.
At our club the story has been told a few times by my friend each time increasing in humour.
I went home and spent the rest of day roughing out semi enclosed hollow forms .
They were all turned cross grain or I should say grain that went all over the place.
Thinking they would stay uniform in shape I turned them thin.
I was wrong they all look like dried prunes,
Amazingly enough everyone that has seen them likes the organic appeal
I hope the judges of a competition I have just entered like them
This is a Juried competition my first such event
Competing against all art media we shall see how woodturning fares
Gordon and Dick have also entered so maybe one of us will at least get selected for the competition

Comments welcomed

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