Friday, September 5, 2008

Rose wood waves 2
Some time ago I posted a progress of this piece.
Took a while but it is finally finished
This time 35 bowls were turned in a piece of Rosewood.
I have entered this into the Kawerau Woodskills competition under Traditional woodturning .I maybe pushing it a bit but it is traditional to me any way
The frame is made from mahogany and stained
I could maybe go one more row of bowls but as you can see in the attachment I had to cut the corners off the waste timber to get enough swing.
When I had my 1000 made I ordered the rail to be 2 inches lower than standard, I wonder if Rob could make me one with no rail and a swivel head know that would enable me to do some big work
Finished with 12 coats of lacquer and buffed, the effect of looking into a pound and wondering were the bottom is was achieved.
Each bowl was turned and sanded down to 800grit with Danish oil before proceeding to the next The oil prevented the sanding disc heating up to much and the Velcro going west. The oil seemed to speed up the sanding as well.
394 roofing screws in total were put in and taken out in the process.
As you can imagine the balancing act took a while between each set up
The most lead used was 7kg/ 15 pounds when the corner bowls were turned.
I think I may have bent my tailstock shaft as it doesn’t line up with the head stock like it did .DAM not much but enough when I bring the 2 together the tailstock is lower by a couple of mm .I wonder if my warranty has run out !
I will add some more pictures of the how to on my web site in the next couple of days I am trying to figure out how to fit all the pictures in the gallery.
There is something about this piece that is masculine; I can see it hanging in a library or men’s club
I am quite chuffed with this piece
Comments welcome
Thanks again to Michael Werner who, got my off centre juices working
Also thanks to Gordon for taking the picture
Sorry I forgot to measure the piece before sending it away

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