Friday, August 29, 2008


Gordon Pembridge (top) and I retrieving a bit of ancient kauri from Takanini .We ended up getting about 5 cubic meters from this lump .This was just one root of an Ancient kauri tree
See our web site for works made from this find .In this area the carbon dating stated that the kauri was 750 years old .
In this peat land being subdivided for residential sections there is believed to be two layers of kauri .The second 70 feet below the present level
Strange but both have the trees laying all the same way .
The contractors have to remove all the stumps as they end up coming to the surface over time as the peat compacts .They find them by xraying the ground .Then the fun begins some of these logs and stumps are so big that 2 and some times three 20 tonne diggers are used to hall them out .What is not taken away by woodturners ,furniture makers and carvers is ground up into chips .

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