Saturday, August 30, 2008

Team NewZealand

Ok Girls and boys, you haven’t seen any posts for a while, you see I have been rather busy preparing for an exhibition called Crawled out of the woodwork and secondly work for the Kawerau wood skills festival.(plus my real job came calling )
If you go to I have placed a link to the last 2 years of the Kawerau competition and also the Crawled out of the woodwork.
Every year at Kawerau they add a different category on top of the normal ones being
Pinus radiata Anything made from pine doesn’t have to be woodturned
Carving, traditional
Carving any kind
Traditional woodturning has to have less than 10% carving or embellishment
Artistic woodturning any turning with more than 10% carving or embellishment
This years extra was a category called Kiwiana anything NewZealand

I looked up the net and came up with items like a buzzy bee, kiwifruit, tiki, e.t.c
These didn’t help with an idea .On our coffee table we have a book called The history of the Americas cup bingo .I decided I would try and make a scaled model of black magic .Hopefully it will be seen as Kiwiana .This may well be the only woodturned item in this section .You have to be in to win as they say
The hull was turned between centres and then mounted using my backing board system and 15 bowls turned over lapping to form the ribs, a Koru pattern was then painstakingly burnt inside.
The keel was carved separately and a bulb shape turned and added.
The perplex stand was also turned
The hull has 2 coats of black lacquer then about 10 clear to give depth to the water like appearance.
The anti fowl area was then masked off and a white, then a grey tint sprayed on followed by 10 coats of clear lacquer. I didn’t like the end result of the atifowl so then sprayed with incandescent paint followed by another 5 of lacquer with an airbrush .It know has the appearance of just being lifted out of the water
The scale is 1/30
Comments welcomed

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